Tips to Value a Business that is for Sale

A number of business entrepreneurs will at one time want to put a value on their business. It’s a nightmare that a number of entrepreneurs come face to face. How can you put an estimate of the value of your business? Your business may have been in existence for quite a long time but you have never thought of estimating a value on it. Well it’s not as difficult as you may think, listed here are few tips to acquire valuation of your existing business.

  1. Avoid making a mistake

You are obviously not a professional and a chartered accountant and the possibilities of you performing financial magic are close to impossible. This means that you could have made a mistake of relating the value of your assets and those of your business. You have to understand that these two things are totally different. Take a case where your business has a block, where the offices are located, that is worth $500K, financial support of $200K, a fleet of vehicles worth $85K and products and supplies worth $100K. The total in capital assets will add up to $885K. This is the value in cash you would get if you decided to sell all these now and that would be the worth of your business is. This could be true but it does not explain what business valuation is. It is about the amount of money that is wholly in your business and not how worth it is. Your prospective buyers will focus on how much cash they will attract using the services and products of the business and not how much cash they will get when they sell the office block. So it is important that the capital assets should be out of the picture when you want to price your business for sale.

  1. Discover what actually makes your business valuable

The capital assets in your business do not determine how much your business is worth but the profits. The amount of money your business is making and the anticipated figures to be made in future are the key factors when placing a cash value of your company. Buyers will key in this factor when looking for a business to buy. Make sure you are aware of the gross income and all the cash that is and your operating net. Get full and precise amounts.

  1. Open your ears to market valuation

Remember that once you value your business it acts as a lead price. You can use finest practices and correct techniques to come up with a value that you will confidently put forward to prospective buyers and investors while you give them a perfect answer to that common question, “What is the value of your business?” That, however does not imply that your business is really worth the cash value you have placed on it. Finally, the value of your business will be exactly what is being said in the market.


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